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The archaeological information system ArcheoLINK from QLC offers a total solution for storage, management and querying of all data for one or more archaeological projects. Whether it concerns field data, finds data, specialist data, storage data, images or field drawings, measurements or cartographic data, the ArcheoLINK system has a solution for it. The ArcheoLINK system is continuously updated to add new functionality to meet the criteria of its users.

ArcheoLINK works as an interface around any database system. It can work as a simple stand alone product or via a network with its own file format. Or it can work in an environment with higher demands using client server systems in a computer network, such as MS-SQLserver, Oracle, mysql.

Data entry and management can take place on stand alone (field) computers as well on multiple computers within a network. By means of a merge functionality datasets on which have been worked in different locations can be integrated in a controlled manner. Think about a situation where finds processing data is being entered or changed within a network environment and at the same time field data is being entered or changed on a separate (field) computer out of reach of the computer network.

The system is flexible enough to ensure proper data storage of any known field methodology, whether it is a surface excavation, a midden excavation, a stratigraphical excavation or a combination of those.

The ArcheoLINK system has been shaped in a very user friendly manner. It attempts to let everything function as intuitively as possible. Extra functionalities are applied on multiple locations throughout the system to facilitate a quicker and more easy data entry.

Check out all functionalities in greater detail